Theft Video -- We Explain Theft Recovered Salvage Vehicles!


A Few Quick Things About Us

1. Money Back Guarantee

2. HD videos and 18 mega-pixel DSLR pictures showing what's wrong, not what's right.

3. Simple, fast, and fun online negotiation system.

4. Some vehicles are theft recoveries purchased from insurance companies.

5. Some theft recoveries are clear/clean titles, some are salvage titles.

6. Title status is clearly stated at the top of each ad. FAQs abound.

7. Theft recovered salvage titles are the best value in used cars!

Phone: 800.860.0194 (M-F, 9am-5pm MST)
Due to intermittment high call volume, we beg ask you to please use Email. We typically answer in minutes.

1909 W. Gardner Ln.
Tucson, AZ
2001 Porsche 911 Turbo
SOLD: $39,900
Mark in Minnesota

  • "All around great dealing with the guys at wheel kinetics. The truck is great!" -- John K.
  • "Good People. Very Efficient and up to date. Truck was as described. A+" -- Julien S. (FL)
  • "Was nervous at first but it turned out to be a great vehicle and transaction." -- Hussain A. (IL)
  • "Excellent, honest. Dennis & Roger rockstars. Truck is unbelievable." -- Chris M.
  • "Great buy! Great service & very helpful. Already recomended to 2 other people!" -- Van M. (IL)
  • "polite, prompt and priced right, and would love to do business with them again!!" -- Scott C. (TN)
  • "Great seller. These guys are truthful and wonderful to work with. I'll buy again" -- Ivan M. (NC)
  • "Truck as described. Roger & Dennis are great to work with, very professional! A+" -- Carl M.

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Welcome to the future of vehicle buying.

Some things you buy online. DVDs. Shoes. Books.

And some things you don't. Pools. Greece. And Used Cars.

So how crazy are we? Not very. Here's why...

Why It Works

It starts with insanely detailed ads. We give you a professional inspection, complete with an HD video and hundreds of pictures. Our ads focus solely on what's wrong, not what's right. We give you the truth. There's no more searching, wondering, and praying like at a traditional car lot.

Don't buy the altruistic story? Ok, here is a practical reason for truth telling... The Internet is a huge place and thousands see our vehicles daily. If there are cosmetic or mechanical issues, we can fully disclose them and the correct buyer will find it. For instance, suppose that we have a truck with a cracked injector. We either fix the injector and disclose the fix or sell the truck with the issue fully disclosed. If we choose to not fix and disclose, inevitably, a buyer with extra injectors and mechanical know-how will find it. Easy.

We're not perfect, but we sure try, and we own up to mistakes. We couldn't be this successful selling online by doing it any other way.

How It Works

Through industry leading, patent-pending, in-house developed software. Once you find your vehicle, send us an offer through our incredible Online Negotiation system. It is just like negotiating a vehicle sale in person... but the negotiation happens online. And within minutes. No hidden fees. Taxes and any fees and shipping estimates are calculated in real time. This is car buying at its easiest and most straight-forward.

If we can agree on a price, documents will be automatically generated: Purchase agreement, title copies, affidavits, buyer's guide, payment information, etc. You can send your deposit via credit card (using EV-SSL encryption and we are Trustwave PCI-DSS certified, for your online security). And if we offer in-house financing for that particular vehicle, you can fill out the form and get the process started.

Our fully vetted and recommended shippers are notified automatically and will give you the best quotes and most efficient service.

Your custom webpage will update during the entire process with up-to-the-second information. You will see when we receive payment, your title is mailed, your vehicle ships, and when we receive your documents.

The Easiest Car Buying Experience -- Ever

It works.

We have tested and refined our method over 10 years. We have a perfect eBay rating since 2002. And we're not selling new, easy to evaluate vehicles -- many have miles and been put to work. The only way we can have such a rating is through honesty and competence.

It seems crazy. Who buys a vehicle over the Internet?

Thousands of our satisfied customers who understood the value and gave us their trust, and we are working very hard to make you next in line.

We've put tens of thousands of man hours into this website, our process, and our vehicles. We truly believe that this is the future of vehicle buying, and we will continue our tireless work until you share our vision.
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  • About Us.

    We are a superior auto dealer -- we are an Internet dealer. Like, we do not have a walk-up store front. We keep our prices low by keeping our overhead low. Located in sunny Tucson, Arizona, our dealership is is in an industrial area!

    We also do business better than the other guys. For instance, take this website. We give you the most detailed ad on the Internet. We tell you what you need to know to make a vehicle purchase from thousands of miles away. No sales pitches -- just facts.

    Wheel Kinetics is an Arizona licensed dealer founded in 2002 by brothers Roger Walsh and Dennis Walsh. We strive for the utmost in customer service, are solely interested in our long term business, and will not sacrifice integrity to make a quick buck.

    Buying a car on sight unseen can be nerve-wracking. We believe that our industry leading worry free guarantee, outstanding feedback, tons of pictures, accurate description, and video should put those nerves at ease. If this is your first time buying a vehicle sight unseen, most of our sales comes from buyers in your position.

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  • Internet Scams.

    We know that you're worried about Internet scams. Our site raises some scam "red flags", e.g. proposing to ship vehicles. We understand your concerns. We ask that you look at our website, references, and our history. Email us. Call us. Make a good offer and come visit us. Our business is a new concept that may require a larger margin of trust than traditional buying. Our goal is to provide you a value that makes distance buying sensible.