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About Us

Our mission is to help you save time, money, and anxiety.

We love cars, but we don't love the overhead required to buy them.
Here's our origin story.

In 2002, Dennis needed a way to pay bills and supplement his racecar habit in college. He founded Wheel Kinetics to sell racing wheels to the racing community. But soon after, he began moving cars around and needed a dealer's license. A few years later, his brother Roger joined and Wheel Kinetics morphed into a used car dealership.

From 2004-2010, we sold vehicles on eBay as a side business. But in 2010, Dennis decided that being an attorney wasn't for him, and Wheel Kinetics became a full time business.

We did not want to be a traditional dealership because that wasn't how we wanted to buy. We want a fact-based, frictionless experience. That experience doesn't exist, so we wrote our own software.

Our Stress Free Buying Plan implements that fictionless, fact-based experience.

  • Take over 80 dSLR pictures showing what's wrong from the most unflattering angles
  • Film a 15 minute test drive video
  • Disclose our internal 200+ point inspection
  • Negotiate the deal online
  • Test drive and take delivery in person or ship your new vehicle

We greatly appreciate your interest in us and our business! We are always around, so if you have a specific question,