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2005 Ford F350 Lariat
$19,900104,420 mi
V8, Turbo Dsl 6.0L
ABS (4-Wheel)
Air Conditioning
Power Sliding Rear Window
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
Cruise Control
Power Steering
Tilt Wheel
AM/FM Stereo
CD/MP3 (Single Disc)
Parking Sensors
Dual Air Bags
Dual Power Seats
Running Boards
Bed Liner
Towing Pkg
Oversize Off-Road Tires
Oversized Premium Wheels 20"+
Dual Rear Wheels
Vehicle Pictures
Vehicle Docs
Vehicle FAQ
Test Drives
We welcome a test drive after a price agreement. Most dealers only discuss price in person -- an age old strategy to waste your time and extract a higher price. Not us. We value everyone's time, so let's see if we can make a deal first!
Vehicle Shipping
We can ship all over the country. Please and let us know your zip code and interested vehicle.
We don't currently offer secondary ("in house") lending... yet. In the interim, we are happy to work with your lender provided they do not require the title to be in their name prior to full payment.
Stress Free Buying Plan, part 2
Agree on a price before you arrive. Here's how it works.
Negotiate Online
Click the "How to Buy" button your vehicle to get started. The computer totals up everything owed to us on the fly. We typically reply within minutes. If we agree on a price and you want a test drive before continuing, you can make it then.
Complete a Form
Put your info into the online form so we can generate all of the needed paperwork and docs.
Make a Deposit
The vehicle remains for sale until you make the $500 deposit via secured credit card. It holds the vehicle for one week and goes towards the sales price.
Stress Free Buying Plan, part 3
Take delivery new school or old school -- come in person or have it shipped. Here's how it works.
Sign Documents
Electronically sign your documents, including the purchase agreement, buyer's guide, and upload a copy of your driver's license.
You can pay by wire, direct deposit, cashier's check in person, or through your lender. You'll find all of the needed information in your online deal page.
Take delivery in person or have it shipped. Contact us for a quote, or you can use your own. Take it old school or new school -- up to you!
Love it
You just bought your first vehicle without the typical pain an anxiety of previous car purchases.
Terms of Sale
Your $500 deposit secures the Ford for one week and goes towards the purchase price. Because your deposit takes the vehicle offline, we must make deposits non-refundable to offset the monetary loss of returning a sold vehicle to current sales.
Taxes And Fees
Arizona Residents
Sales tax (8.7%) and $250 doc fee.
Non-Arizona Residents Using a Professional Shipping Company and Not Entering the State
No sales tax or doc fee. The negotiated final price is your price. Your state may charge taxes. Please check with your state for more information.
Taxes and Fees, Non-Arizona (U.S) Residents Taking Delivery in Arizona, Entered the State, or Sent an Agent Into the State
Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute 42-5061(U), out of state buyers that take delivery in Arizona will pay sales tax according to their home state's tax rate, plus 2.7% for city tax, AND a $250 doc fee. All customers who take delivery in Arizona will receive a voucher showing taxes paid in Arizona to avoid being double charged by their home state. Licensed dealers do not pay sales tax.
Non-Inspected Items
Unless we explicitly say a certain item was checked, please assume that it was not checked. As a matter of policy, we do not check: CD players, fuel gauges, cruise control, or aftermarket parts. HVAC tested when weather permits.
Not Included Items
Unless it is pictured, in the video, or mentioned in the ad, please assume it is not included. And specifically, please assume the vehicle does not come with a spare tire, tire tools, keyless entry, radio, antenna, manuals, service history, or multiple keys unless pictured.
Independent Inspections
We inspect all vehicles and give you all of the information so inspections are largely moot, but as one customer said, "When my wife says she's not sitting on the remote, it's not that I don't trust her...". If that's you, you are free take the vehicle to a reputable shop.
Unless specifically noted in the ad/video, we guarantee our vehicles to pass Arizona emissions before sale. However, with 49 other states and 49 other sets of laws, it is impossible for us to guarantee 50 state compliance.
Accepted Offers
If we accept your offer, you will be taken to our "Accepted Offer" page. This page explains all of the steps and gives all needed information to complete our transaction. Please remember, the Ford will remain for sale until we receive a deposit. You will get access to our custom online account / web system with all of the information, documents, and procedures to get your new car. And even better, the webpage keeps you updated on the transaction status!
Unless noted in the "Repairs Made" section above, we do not perform any maintenance. That includes all fluids, air filter, etc. Several years ago we changed fluids, but buyers thought the new fluids indicated that we were hiding something. Silly, in our opinion, but the sentiment occurred enough that we stopped changing fluids. We do check all fluids for the proper amount.
Steering Wheel Play
Ford builds very loose steering boxes for their trucks. Some people may not be used to the amount of steering slop inherent in a Ford truck.
Front End Wear
We (nor any dealer, including Ford factory dealers) completely inspect ball joints and related parts. The proper way to inspect is with a run out gauge for play and spec. (Novice mechanics love to hand twist the joints and claim that the "slop" is proof of excessive wear.) Therefore, to avoid debates with the truck thousands of miles away, please assume that this truck will have front end wear, including but not limited to the ball joints, arms, steering stabilizer, and all other parts associated with the front suspension and steering rack that may require replacement.
Leaks and Seepage
If you do not like leaks, do not buy a used diesel truck! It is normal for diesel trucks to seep oil, particularly through transfer case casting cracks, motor and transmission gaskets, etc. We inspect for fluid leaks, not fluid seeps. Assume that this truck will come with fluid seepage.
Test Drive Video
This ad contains a video where we describe the vehicle further and give you close ups of various features and issues to give you, the buyer, an in depth and personal look at the vehicle. By making an offer, you agree that you have watched the above video, the descriptions in the video are part of this agreement, and you accept the video representations in full. If the video and website ad contradict, the website ad controls.
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